Biblical Principles for Christian Parenting

Building a Christian Home

This six-part series contains timeless Biblical principles that every parent should know and understand to train their children for life. 

Training our children to become successful, independent persons, with their own Christian identity is hard work.

Thankfully, God gives us good instructions!

Part 1 - The Training Train

 The first lesson in a 6-part series on Christian Parenting: "Building a Christian Home (because home is where faith is formed and lived)." 

This lesson focuses on what is included in the biblical mandate to train our children. 

Part 2 - The Most Important Principle

 Lesson 2 Focuses on the Biblical Concept of Exasperation.  

Training that avoids exasperating is the biblical means to instruct our children in a consistent and principled manner that reaches their hearts and minds. When our children are exasperated by our parenting, it usually means we need to work harder at consistency. 

Part 3 - Knowing the Reason Why

 Lesson 3 focuses on using reasoning and principles  to reach beyond behavior into your child's heart and mind. 

Even our youngest children need to be taught with principles and meaning. Rules without principles and meaning deprive our children of the ability to grow their hearts and minds.

Part 4 - Discipline, Punishment, and Encouraging Words

 Lesson 4 focuses on the distinct differences between discipline and punishment.

Punishment is a temporary term remedy to alter behavior. The purpose of training is to create self-control in for now and when they leave the nest. Encouraging words is just one way to develop self-control in our children.

Part 5 - Being an Adult, Becoming an Adult

 Lesson 5 discusses how parenting requires you to be the adult in the room. 

An adult that is secure and a marriage that is secure provide stability to a home.  Children add to a family; they do not create the family. A family is complete when the couple says "I do," and a stable home provides a fertile field for our children to grow. 

Part 6 - How Firm a Foundation

 Lesson 6 focuses on the the Foundation we have in Christ.

This foundation allows us and our children to weather the storms of life. This foundation also allows ourselves and our children to move beyond self to bless and serve others.