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Prayer is very important to us.  We take each prayer request very seriously. If you would like to be contacted by our pastor or one of our amazing prayer warriors then please give us your contact and we will be in touch very soon. 

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Why Prayer is Good Medicine

"When health fails," says the author Joe Schom, "one of the first responses of both the sick and their loved ones is to pray. And the healing that can come from prayer takes many forms — from feeling supported by others and by God, to acceptance of the situation, to even an actual cure. Many sick people who pray and have been prayed for report finding greater strength, peace, and courage to endure." The author's conclusion is convincing: As a complement to sound medical care, praying for healing is one of the best medicines we can take on the journey through illness. 

Prayer for Healing

Open yourself to God the Healer.  Because God the Creator is the source of all life, God must also be the source of what restores people to life and health.  As our creator, God knows us, inside and out.  "For it was you who formed my inward parts; you knit me together..." says Psalm 139:13.  A God who is so close to us and knows us so intimately also knows best what we need.  A first step in praying for healing is to see how every form of healing, including medical treatment, is part of God's healing.  You can open yourself to God the healer when you acknowledge the God who gives and sustains life, knows us and our situation better than anyone, and provides what is best for us.

Support One Another In Prayer

Prayer not only presents our concerns to God; it also brings them to the attention of others. Don't be afraid to ask family, friends and your church community to pray for you when adverse conditions threaten.  When you ask others to pray for you, you feel less alone, and you enter into a larger community of caring.  And when you pray for others in time of need, you become a caregiver as well.

Explore Different Ways to Pray.

Just as there are different kinds of healing, there are different kinds of prayer.  You can pray by yourself or with others, friends, family, members of your church community, for yourself or for others, in silence or out loud.  Let your church community know when you or a loved one are in need and ask for their prayers.

Sources of Prayer

The holy is all around us.  Often, a phrase from a church hymn or even a popular song can offer comfort and peace, and stir us on.  Song refrains can become a mantra that gives us comfort,  We can sing as we drive to and from our destination.  Make everyday words a prayer.

Take Heart

In prayer we turn to God and ask for God's healing presence in our lives, which can change and heal us in many ways.  Prayer helps us feel less isolated and afraid when we or loved ones are in need.  It draws us closer to one another and to God.